The society of the spectacle!

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Synopsis for the article:
Guy Debord views Spectacle not just a collection of images but it represents the social relationship amongst individuals, is with the help of visual images.

The Spectacle is not the real activity but can be seen as a product of it. For Guy Debord spectacle is basically “Tautological” and that can be identified when see, that it means and its conclusion are both the same. When the Spectacle transform into a Image it becomes capital accumulated. ( Nicholas Mirzoeff, 2002)

“The spectacle is not just visual excess, it is a circular reality into which society has entrapped itself and continuously remains entangled in. Think of the image as the ouroboros, a fantastical snake devouring its own tail; the society of the spectacle feeds off itself, its own excess and appearances.”

The above last paragraph is stated from the given link, I just thought to share here:

For example: Facebook Display picture, discussion in class!

Post by: Madiha
Date: 20.01.2015

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