The Subalterns

Analyzing the movie “Na Maloom Afraad” in terms of subalterns and their representation. if subalterns doesn’t have the chance to voice themselves then its the responsibility of the intellectuals to represent them. In my opinion, the director “Nabeel Qureshi” has misrepresented the lower middle class strata of karachi specifically.

The subalterns in this case are the audiences of the movie also who didn’t agree to what the filmmaker has portrayed. no matter what is the opinion of the majority the film has been screened internationally. To “others” this work of cinema is the mere representation of the karachites. According to Foucault, only oppressed can explain its circumstances if given the chance to speak.

Not only this, the movie has a lot of borrowed Bollywood characteristics that makes it a hybrid culture. The cinema constructs the identity, whereas in this case the movie is not depicting the true identity of karachites.

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