Who needs feminism?


I just thought to share this picture which i just came across on my newsfeed as it elaborates further on the gender relations and gender roles distinction. Although this picture does not make any difference, or may be it did for some, but for me, the interesting fact is the women appearance. She is dressed up in western style outfit but also wears a hijab, carries a trendy bag and stands like a very confident modern girl of today. On the other hand, she is a happy housewife apparently who willingly does her home chores on her own and so she enjoys her husband being the breadwinner and stay dependent on him.

I don’t agree that every woman needs feminism or wants feminism or should support feminism. There are still women who first needs realization but on the other hand, there are also women (relating to the one shown in the picture) who have realized the gender roles yet enjoy performing their ‘defined’ roles.

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