Introduction: Worlding Cities or the Art of Being Global by Aihwa Ong

                                                …the skyline rises in the East.   – Rem Koolhaas


Renovation of Cities:

Recently few of the non- Western Cities has renovated their structures in such a manner that now they look like replica models of ‘World Class cities’.

Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong instead of London, Paris and New York have become centre of attraction for the tourist and their emerging economies have transferred into Asian’s best cities.

For example: Hong Kong sees itself as Asian World City and Singapore as the knowledge hub of a “effervescent” business ecosystem. Their advanced transactional links with international culture institutions, banks and corporation have made them the centres of the global networks.

As Rem Koolhaas (2004) notes, “the skyline rises in the East,” as cities vie with one another, and regional aspirations are superseded by new horizons of the global. (Ananya Roy and Aihwa Ong, 2011)

This is an extract from his book. He just saying that cities in east are trying to outdo each other with tall buildings and bigger skyline. They are competing with each other without any regard to global benefit, global advancement.

“the skyline of Singapore City”

 Singapore city night skyline from Marina Bay Sands panorama 2010


Tourism in Singapore on New Year day




“the skyline of Shanghai City”

Shanghai finalSource:

Shanghai Night Scenery Skyline By Yew Kwang

Shanghai Skyline

 Shanghai skyline 2

“the skyline of Hong Kong City”

Hong Kong Skyline final


HK Skyline
Must Go through this below link is a brief visual history of how the Hong Kong skyline developed over the decades.


“Tourism in Hong Kong Disney World”



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