Look at the City From Here -Faiz

Yahan Se Shehr ko Dekho…

YahaN se sheher ko dekho to halqa-dar-halqa
Khinchi hai jail ki soorat har ek samt faseel
Har ek rahguzar gardish-e-aseeraaN hai
Na sung-e-meel, na manzil, na mukhlisi ki sabeel

Jo koi tez chaley rah to poochta hai Khayal
Ke tokne koi lalkaar kyuN naheeN aayee
Jo koi haath hilaye to Wahem ko hai sawal
Koi chanak, koi jhankaar kyuN nahiN aayee?

YahaN se shehr ko dekho to saari khalqat meiN
Na koi sahab-e-tamkeen, na koi wali-e-hosh
Har ek mard-e-jawaN mujrim rasn ba gulu
Har ek haseena-e-raana, Kaneez-e-halqa bagosh

Jo sayay duur chiraghoN ke gird larzaaN haiN
Na janey mehfil-e-ghum hai ke bazm-e-jaam-o-saboo
Jo rung har dar-o-deewar par pareshaaN haiN
YahaN se kuch naheen khulta yeh phool haiN ke LahU

– Faiz (Karachi, 1965)

“Yahan Se Shehr Ko Dekho… | Karachi Metblogs.” <i>Yahan Se Shehr Ko Dekho… | Karachi Metblogs</i>. Web. 31 Jan. 2015. &lt;http://karachi.metblogs.com/2006/05/05/yahan-se-shehr-ko-dekho/&gt;.

(English translation by Naomi Lazard)

If you look at the city from here

You see it is laid out in concentric circles,

Each circle surrounded by a wall

Exactly like a prison.

Each street is a dog-run for prisoners,

No milestones, no destinations, no way out.

If anyone moves too quickly you wonder

Why he hasn’t been stopped by a shout.

If someone raises his arm

You expect to hear the jangling of chains.

If you look at the city from here

There is no one with dignity,

No one fully in control of his senses.

Every young man bears the brand of a criminal,

Every young woman the emblem of a slave.

You cannot tell whether you see

A group of revellers or mourners

In the shadows dancing around the distant lamps,

And from here you cannot tell

Whether the color streaming down the walls

Is that of blood or roses.

Farrukhi, Asif. “The Color of Blood or Roses Visual Imagery in the Poetry of Faiz.” <i>NuktaArt</i>. Web. 31 Jan. 2015. &lt;http://www.nuktaartmag.com/Nukta/GeneralContent/View/199&gt;. 

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