The documentary by Renzo Martens was hard to grasp but a harsh reality. Renzo quiet painfully but strikingly tried to capture the harsh reality of people living in Congo and the efforts of aid agencies. As much as aid is coming to the government, there is little improvement in the living conditions of the people working there. Moreover, the NGOs working there are more proactive in labelling the citizens rather than just helping them. Renzo attempts to tell the people how they are being objectified and how their lives are being commoditized by media, government and aid agencies.

The visuals captured in the documentary are quiet impactful yet at the same time disturbing. The film is successful in showing in its attempt how the people living there have become a spectacle for the media and world. Their lives are interesting to look at but there is no attempt to improve them. Though it is shown that sincere efforts are being made while aid to better their economic conditions but it all goes down the drain as the land owners are getting richer and the workers’ work and health are further exploited.

In first sitting, I found the documentary quiet disturbing and exhaustive but later on when I reflected on it, I came to realize this is what has happening. Unfortunately, we are living in a world where the misery of one has become the joy of the other. The media plays a significant role in attempting to divert the attention to the underprivileged but mostly, it is the media gaining the advantage and attention much and the victims are being objectified. There are many such instances but in the world of spectacle, we could expect it to increase more rather than change.

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