Haasil (film transcript excerpt)

excerpted from https://pad.ma/

Rowdies watching a film (Haasil):

One of the more interesting films to be released in 2003, Haasil is about college politics in the University of Allahabad. This scene captures for me an interesting facet of the different ways in which people interpret the idea of the modern. This is a good example of a ‘vernacular modernity’ that defines itself against metropolis cities like Bombay and Delhi.

“Look sonnie, this is the magic of Bombay

Arey, they have weapons which are English- type, which is why the cars fly up in the air like that

But here no matter how many bombs you throw, nothing ever happsn

The society there is different, because everyone there is modern

Even the thugs there, they travel everyday, Bombay, Dubai, Engaldn

Should we also go there

Just retain your pride, and watch the film quietly

There, its all about money, give me money or I will take your life, but here its give me power or I will kill you

Theres a big difference

They are a small industry, we run the country”

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