The Place where I feel uncomfortable..

As I travel by public transport very frequently. I feel uncomfortable while standing at the stop, looking for a rickshaw or bus.

More specifically, going back home at night from SZABIST is a tough time. I usually take rickshaw from Sindhi Muslim near FTC. To mention I am referring to the time around 9:45 pm.

That place has a lot of transport and human influx. the main round about has a lot of dine-in places also, making it crowded with very diverse kind of people. The taxi and rickshaw drivers, beggars, people coming to dine in and even having food in their cars, restaurant attendants and as well as hawkers.

I feel like I am not only in intense gaze but also objectified as the time is not fit for a female to be alone in such a public space. It does not end here,  the way the rickshaw drivers respond when inquired about the fare is literally disgusting. They are so annoying with their expressions that at times I feel like slapping them hard (only if I can!)

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