Utopian City: City of the people

  1. A city where everyone is of same financial status, being offered same kind of opportunities and possibilities along with free education to all.
  2. Symmetrical residential areas. Proper , clean open public spaces. A lot of recreational spaces; parks, cinema, playground, library etc.
  3. Similar living standard for all.
  4. Maintenance of everything should be on priority along with quality services: Railway Station, Public Washrooms, Parks, Markets, Roads, Sanitation system.
  5. There should be security by local government.
  6. Justice and law implementation without discrimination.
  7. Healthcare facility to all, without categorization of private and government.
  8. Public transport to be given more preference than personal luxurious cars to maintain equality.
  9. Public gatherings arranged by the local government to bring people closer.
  10. People should be involved in public service programs and volunteer for the good of the whole community.
  11. The sense of collectivism rather than individualism should be promoted.

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