Class Activity 2 – My Utopian City

The enumerated things I would like to see in my city which I have named Cityean.

  1. Greenery and stunning islands
  2. Cleanliness and no dust at all
  3. Tropical-monsoon climate throughout year
  4. Disneyland
  5. Amusement parks
  6. All coffee and eatery brands
  7. No international clothing brand so that local designers could be promoted
  8. Better public transport
  9. Flourishing film industry
  10. Music academies, dancing and acting schools
  11. Strict media policies for journalism only
  12. Strict judiciary system and huge fines will be charged on its violation
  13. Beautifully architect skyscrapers
  14. All will be smart homes
  15. Each house is sold with a single robot (not necessarily human-like) who will perform all our tasks
  16. Each society must have a school, super market, gym, swimming pool, sports club, community hall and family garden. The union will ensure its utilization by each family of the society
  17. One-for-all education system
  18. No child labor
  19. No beggary
  20. No class difference
  21. No ethnic divides
  22. No defined or specified gender roles
  23. Female would be free from all religious, social and cultural restrictions
  24. Female driving is mandatory
  25. Female bikes and scooties o that they can drive alone
  26. Protection for females and senior citizens
  27. A division of all illegal (although not illegal in my city) activities where people can go for consuming alcohols and do whatever they want
  28. A proper area is dedicated to conduct religious activities where worship places are situated of all the dwelling religious groups
  29. Public spaces would predominantly belong to females
  30. No gali ka nukkar system for males

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