Class Activity 2: My Utopian City is “Khawabistan”

My ‘Khawabistan’ is a land of dreams where every citizen is treated like a king and the law is equally enforceable regardless of gender, age, creed, class and ethnicity. the following features are going to be prominent in my Khawabistan.

1- Four main factors of production land, labour, capital and entrepreneur controlled and managed by the government.

2- Infrastructure should be competent and regularly supervised and updated.

3- Social welfare system instead of capitalism.

4- No prison for Juvenile delinquent, just rehabilitation centers and academic assistance in form of  psychological help for moral development of character.

5- No class such as below poverty line.

6- No discrimination where employment opportunities are concerned. Men and women should be treated equally in working environments.

7- Gender inequalities in any form should be condemned.

8- Public schooling, transportation, community centers, rehabilitation centers. No concept of old homes. Parents should reside with their extended families.

9- Wild life conservation, natural vegetable system and no genetically modified food.

10- Fair wage system, government should provide fringe and non fringe benefits for single parents, divorcee and widowed and orphan.

11- Protection of women rights violation, strict capital punishment for rapes, sexual harassment and innocent men slaughter (voluntarily).

12- Keeping accountability of population growth, not more then 3 children per parent ( the desire of male child major cause of dense population in most parts of the world).

13- Animal hunting should be banned for pleasure and sport purposes. Strict legal penalties and liabilities imposed.

14-  Security guards should not possess guns, unethical use of weapons and undue advantage of power should not lead to any kind of exploitation of weaker individuals.

15- Domestic violence should be treated as a major crime and not be allowed in any circumstances.

16- Pregnant women, disable individuals, down syndrome, paralyzed and trans genders should deserve respectable and significant treatment in our society.

17- Sanitation, sewage and waste disposal system managed and controlled with international standards.

18- Free medical facilities for local citizen, free vaccination, free medicines and surgical instrument monitored by government officials under strict regulations. No unauthorized selling of medicines, photos, movies and copyrights.

19- Authenticity of artist not to be exploited by fake creativity, no copying concepts and ideas. Say no to plagiarism.

20- Development of housing authorities, with separate parks, entertainment facilities, no fear of fence and security. Living with freedom.

21- No child abuse, child labour, children discrimination (male / female child). Parental guidance supervised by authorize public officials.

22- Government should ban production of such goods that contaminate and pollute the environment, releasing toxic and dangerous chemical emission in the air.

23- Media should consider real merit and talent while employing Artist rather then influencing their decision based on bribery, corruption and unfair means.

24- The construction of buildings and designs should be influenced by cultural and historical heritage representing different and interesting cultural identities and existence.

25- I would prefer the domination of organic over inorganic items.A combination of both man made and natural environment. More concentration of natural and organic ways.

26- Technological advancement to the level where man made skills are not made extinct.

27- No visa requirement to enter khawabistan.

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