The City of Glassifornia – Class Activity

The idea of my city originates from the movie ‘The Island’. I will take the all of the world’s orphans below the age of 3 and raise them up inside my city which would have the following features:

1. The construction would be comprised of circular and soft edged minimalistic buildings, nothing taller than another.

2. The whole city would be made of glass and would rewrite the notions of public/private space.

3. The basic infrastructure would be controlled through machines equipped with Artificial Intelligence.

4. The people would be raised inside a system that just focuses on the basic needs of survival. Food, Water, Shelter and Companionship.

5. There will be no Socio Economic Classes and everyone would be paid equally for a predefined set of jobs.

6. One form of transport.

7. Internal media companies run by the head of the city (me).

8. Independent Internet facility which is cut off from the rest of the world.

9. I would be one in control of the system of the city.


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