Utopia & Dystopia in RPG Games

Destine Enormity: Dystopian superpowers roleplaying game

Destine Enormity is a roleplaying game with themes of dark comedy and moral ambiguity.

They called it Arcadia.

No ones knows how long the city has been around or who named it. The history books keep changing and there’s no one around who can remember where it all started, not entirely. Arcardia is a place where humanity has evolved, where being born with special powers is the norm. All people do know is the city once was a great place with a constant struggle between heroes and villains, but fifteen years ago there was a war. There was a war, the villains won, and the city was plunged in darkness.

The city is now ruled with an iron fist by a group called The Wise Men, who have an absurd amount of control over the populace and are vaguely Orwellian in nature. They control everything, from the curfew at night to the entertainment people are allowed to take in. Any defiance can result in citizens being whisked away in the night by the Elite, the police force which works under the Wise Men. The Wise Men can be seen directing the Elite and taking part in their actions, as the city is under martial law, but the Elite are largely free to do as they please. Those who work under the Wise Men are the closest to “free” that the city has. The Normals, people who lack powers, are cruelly oppressed and forced to live in the Slums, and the city’s powered youth are raised in the brutal environment of S.I.N. Academy.

Fortunately, there is some hope in the form of the Messiah Complex. Headed by Aidric Carter, the Messiah Complex is a rebel terrorist group bent on taking down the Wise Men and fixing the city. They spend their days helping Normals and often working undercover from inside Sin Academy and as members of the Elite. But the Messiah Complex has their dark side too, and for all their good intentions, they may be nothing more than the lesser of two evils.

Arcadia is a sprawling city with a world full of stories to tell. Whether you choose to tell the story of a villain enjoying his reign, a student just struggling to get by, or a Normal in the Messiah Complex fighting for her freedom, life in the city is a dangerous game. Which side will you choose, and most importantly, will you survive?

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