Assignment 3: Specters of Mecca _ Umrah episode 1


I could, strongly, not ignore the specters of Mecca City in terms of the convergence of space and time for the people coming from every corner of the world, of how the religious site of Ka’aba has benefitted the city giving it a divine dignity and simultaneously a commercial value. I said convergence of space and time because for majority of Muslims viewing Mecca and Ka’aba is extensively an experience either on Television, photographs, internet or in publications; therefore their notions of the holy place are determined by the context of the medium. But the shift right in front of the eyes is somewhat which makes them go through realistic realizations.

It is interesting to hear around, “Hum tou waisa samajhtay thai, Allah ke liye to aisa hai.”


Pilgrims arrive in the city with varied senses and aims, mainly expressed are thewillingness to transform into a pure being acceptable to Allah and also to seek his protection against evil and worldly harms. Thus the seeking of afterworld in best possible way remains the overhauling purpose. Newborns, toddlers, teenagers, adults, middle aged, and old people, all could be seen throughout the space. Interestingly, all these people display similar activities, obviously with exceptions for the little age groups, reflecting the cultures and aesthetics of their lands. Mecca appears to serve as a space for uniting the diversity of cultures under it flag of religion.

With the above last statement, I would like to share that in Mecca our prejudices of culture, caste, rich economy, dignified family background, all seemed to be lost when I saw the convergence of the rawness and refined attitudes of people all at one place with no fear or hesitation towards each other.

Ek hi saf main kharay hogaye Mehmood O Ayaz,

Na koi banda raha na koi banda nawaz.


Reaching there on Thursday night exposed me to a majority of Arabs coming from the entire kingdom because of the weekend holiday. It was hard to find Urdu speaking people. Bumped into a 6 to 7 year old Arab girl who was decently sitting in a corner as her mother was praying. As I poked her, maybe I was looking for a moment’s distraction, she gave a reserved smile. But after a short pause she was chatting with me in Arabic non-stop, of course it was a monologue as I was not even able to make her understand that I don’t know Arabic same as English was in her case. But I guess she was happy with one way conversation only, may be men are right what they say about women and their ability to talk.

IMG_20150302_091438 IMG_20150302_135345

Somehow, for me language and the communication is the basis of everything. But Arabs appeared reluctant to adopt the language of the West, the posed universal language. May be their oil is enough for them to stand in front of the world, not only that but also host the world. It is unique, how a nation is not dependent on the universal language to stay accepted? In order to explore the depth of this fact, I believe, I should see China, France, Germany. If anyone of my fellows would like to share their experience regarding language and independency, I would be pleased.

One thought on “Assignment 3: Specters of Mecca _ Umrah episode 1

  1. the assignments were split into 1 media review (film or ad) and 2 reading reviews. So 1 assignment is missing. Also this material gets repeated in the final essay…


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