My utopian city

• A city with wide roads; cars, double deckers, buses and taxi’s spotted all over these roads.
• Train stations in the city that take people from one area to another. Example from Seaview to Clifton.
• Numerous parks in order to add greenery to the city.
• A town area for animals, something like an expansion of the empress market but without them being caged.
– A town for animals such as cats and dogs is needed as a large amount of people despise the existence of animals in their space. Instead of the animals being killed or attacked, it is better to assign a town to them where food will be provided by the government as well as medical treatment.
– The dogs and cats will be neutered according to the increase in their population.

• In my utopian city, there would be a space difference based on the class one belongs to.
– A divide is necessary because people from two opposite classes cannot reside in the same area. The style of living, expenditure and thought process differs based on the income and class. Hence, it would be problematic to unite the classes.
– Also, if everyone is equal, production and development will cease to exist. There needs to be some division to create room for aspiration and hard work.
– The infrastructure of the two areas would not differ though. Both areas will have well constructed building as well as water and gas supply. Size of the houses and other luxuries, however, will depend on the income of the household.
• The concept of ethnic differences will be eliminated completely.
• The educational system for all classes will be equal. No urdu or English medium education system.

One thought on “My utopian city

  1. The more I read this, the more I appreciate how much thought you have put into this utopian city. It is quite nuanced and different from the first impression one gets when reading about the plans for segregation. I love the town for animals…I would live there!


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