Learning to look beyond the frame


Learning to look beyond the frame: reflections on the changing meaning of images in the age of digital media practices written by Paolo Favero shares an insight on the concept of being in the world with the growing nature of technology I as a freelance photographer do agree that the age of digital media has changed the way we perceive reality in this age of digital era .At the pace that we produce, store and share information via internet visually has created a emergence of visual discourse in the popular culture.

The sense of identity has also been challenged through such a medium, Face book, Twitter and other online spaces dictate who you are and where you stand in the world today creating your identity. This article also reflects what Walter Benjamin talked about in his book “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (1935)”.

Where he mentions that technology is driven by innovations; as mechanical reproduction of such art may have their own unique existence, for instance films as a medium of expression is produced as a work of art to express emotions visually.  Whereas Photography has always been a debate in account whether it should be considered as a work of art or not?

The term digital culture has a lot of importance when we see people taking selfies in different spaces it also projects the idea of how one should act with their friends and their loved ones in an environment private/ public. This act narrates how reality is reflected through the digital media practices

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