Why Loiter? Assignment 3

why loiter

This journal ‘Why loiter? Radical possibilities for gendered dissent’ written by Shilpa Phadke, Shikpa Ranade and Sameera khan, talks about women and their right to feel safe in public spaces and the concept of loiter is only given to the males of the society. However the writer also talks about that loiter itself is not considered being something good as according to its definition it means wandering on streets aimlessly but here i suppose she demands that the right should be given to both men and women equally.

There are number of things I find interesting in this article which is also related to our society. The class difference that the writer mentions here is related to an aspect that we notice in our society as well where women considered subaltern travelling in public transport such as rakshaw or roaming around streets are looked upon and are under constant surveillance and harassed by men compared to women who are travelling in their own private cars or loitering outside stores or in the malls.

The issue that the writer brings to light is the fact that as we notice women all over the world raise their voices for violence against women, rape, equal rights abuse and harassment but no one speaks about the simple aspect of day to day activities where women are deprived of such as loitering to have a sense of belonging in the city.The concept of loitering creates a question of binaries who is allowed to loiter and who is not? as we speak. This article sums up and negotiates issues that women from different classes and communities encounter on their daily basis.

Why Loiter? Also argues that loitering should be celebrated, not criticized as a norm or as an act that offers possibilities for a more inclusive city where all people have a right to feel free in the city public spaces.

The writer also mentions in the end how there is gender discrimination and hypocrisy found in our society where men who are seen loitering are labeled as Tapooris often seen in Indian cinema as heroes but in the case of women loitering around the city without a peculiar desire are noticed and are labeled to be as bad character women or prostitutes.

One thought on “Why Loiter? Assignment 3

  1. That’s a great summary of the essay by Phadke. I would encourage you to write a lot more and read essays from the NewYorker magazine, Guardian newspaper and Chimurenga Chronic. Your sentence structure, grammar, spelling and vocabulary need work. With more drafts and practice you will improve very quickly.


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