“Imagine London in 2100” – While thinking about Imaginary cities!

“In one image, London looks noticeably more hi-tech with more skyscrapers than ever and hovering cars as well as zeppelins. The city is cramped with buildings that give off an electric glow.  As far as the eye can see there is no sign of nature.

While some images depict the catastrophic effects of climate change other views, created from the perspective of The Shard skyscraper, reveal how towering buildings will change the capital’s skyline.” “A wash out? In a survey commissioned by The View From The Shard, around five million Londoners said they think the capital will one day be flooded, so that Westminster (pictured) might be partially under water or even a little bit like Venice – maybe politicians will commute by boat.”

Picture perfect? Controversially, over five million people in the UK think there will be no monarchy in 15 years and one in 10 think that London will one day be waterlogged like Venice. Here is an imagined photograph taken from Waterloo Bridge in 2030.


The best virtual cities!

Also this post reminds me of  “The city of Venexia in Second Life, designed by Baal Zobel and Kora Zenovka”. shared

The Holy Mosque in second life!

1 (1)
“Getting ready for the Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage) season, a virtual training program was launched on SecondLife.com, the virtual reality website, to teach Muslims and non Muslims Hajj rituals on a online island.”
“Visitors log on to Second Life and can visit the island with their avatars wearing white Ihram clothes (special dress for the Hajj) to participate in lectures and interact with the trainers and take part of all aspects of Hajj.”

Go to website: http://secondlife.com/

Taken from : http://www.theguardian.com/cities/2014/jun/21/the-best-virtual-cities Taken from: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2752312/Piccadilly-Pond-paddy-fields-outside-Parliament-Artist-imagines-London-2100-climate-change-taken-toll.html

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