Changing Urban Landscape- Utopia or Dystopia

Here is the link to an interesting series named “Forgotten Sculptures” that talks about changing urban landscape in the city of Sao Paulo.!1

He tried to show the new and old structure with the help of shadow and light. He says that the new buildings appear as beacons of hope but if we trace the shadows of development, it would be seen as ugly. He said new buildings and architecture promise a way to the future but in fact, it is the old architecture that has an era in it, the stories of life.

This is like a story of the failing aspiration of a modern city to be world-class on a global scale. The photographer wanted to focus on abandoned and under constructed buildings that are changed to new structures and are erased from the memory of the city. It is the images of these old building that hold stories and true image of the city, not the new infrastructure which is all shiny and cannot relate to the city.


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