Edited images

These images are of Hitler too but they are edited. The first one shows Hitler with bunny ears. This image is of course fake and photoshop has been used to add bunny ears to the original photograph. In the article, ‘In defense of the poor image’, it is discussed that poor images can’t be trusted because the names of the photographers as well as the dates the photos are taken on are lost.
But my question is, can we trust the technology we have the power to access today? These high resolution can easily be manipulated too. Even a nature photographer can change the way a landscape looks by changing the setting on the camera. So how real is the image we are actually viewing?

Secondly the took of Photoshop can change the actions within a photograph as we see in the hurler photograph above on the left. Anything can be added to an image and stated to be real. How do we know the images we see on the news are even real and not manipulated by the government to send a certain message across? The fact is we believe what we see but in today’s time nothing we see is real. So basically our reality of what things are is dependent on the photographer, picture editor or any media and government organization.

The photograph on the right is a wallpaper. This wallpaper was posted in Saturday, 7th February 2015 by Kavine Jane,you can download this wallpaper with size : 1492 Kb. The colours in the  wallpaper  have  been edited to make the picture less grainy.

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