Hyperreal Virtual World

The narratives that we read or watch in cinema engage us into their virtual world. Such narratives have a power to get us engaged in the hyperreal virtual world they depict. The fantasy stories and sci-fi genre largely deal with this sort of narratives that represent a virtual world.

harry pottertwilightFor example, The Twilight series has a virtual city of vampires and Harry Potter has a virtual wizardy world. Another examples include Ghost in the Shell, The Blade Runner, The Matrix, Dark City, Tron Legacy etc.

dark city ghost in the shell The matrix tron legacy

Talking about virtual cities, there is a huge variety of video games based on similar theme of virtual world constructing your own virtual city. Needless to mention the popular trend of these games keeping the gamer involved in it, clash of clans, for example. People spend enormous amount of time playing these games to build their virtual city. One such example is of Duncan Parcells, a player of Minecraft and a student from Delaware who spent two years in building his virtual city which he has named Titan City. His virtual city is consisted of 96 buildings for which he has used “4.5 million Minecrfat building blocks” which he created using Xbox 360 version and later transferred it to PC. Parcell keeps his Titan City separate and believes this is his second life.


minecraft 2

The only difference between the above two would be of agency that a player gets in video games because when we watch a movie, things are not in control of us. We can only see what is happening whether we like that way or not while a player has complete agency over his actions how to do, when to do, with whom to do etc.

Simulation_5d_6d_7d_mini_cabin_mobileWith the technological advancements, the experience of involving in the virtual world has improved big way. The 3D and 4D provide way better experience. For example, the 3D simulated rides take us into the virtual world with the strong visuals and effects that make you feel what you see while the 4D also provides sense of touch, feel and smell along with the visual effects.

If I were to think of my virtual city, since I am not a gaming person at all, I would rather pick skype whereby my virtual world exists when I connect to my distant relatives and friends across different parts of world. Not exactly the virtual city, but a virtual reality I live in 4 to 5 hours a day. Sitting at my home and roaming around somewhere in USA, Canada, London or UAE. My second life would be at skype!

GioChronoStudios, a CG animation studio that provides creative digital solution through motion graphics and digital illustrator, along with a web company Theory7 created a 3D virtual city for the promotion of Ford Fiesta. This project was a part of Ford’s marketing campaign called ‘This is Now’ targeting specific segment of society.  After conceptualizing the modern island city as shown in the images, they produced a video of a massive stylized contemporary virtual city in which the only car you see is off course the New Ford Fiesta.


Modeling of the city

Please watch the video here:







One thought on “Hyperreal Virtual World

  1. I like the way you apply ideas of virtuality to skype instead of sticking to the obvious examples of unbelievable virtualities–we already live in virtual worlds like skype and facebook. They are perhaps more strange than the 3d re-presentations of cities in computer games.


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