Entrepreneurial economy busy in social mapping of Muslims?

As I am engaged in studying about the ‘Dutch disease’ which the Arab world is seemingly inflicted from, the purpose of which is to analyze how the Arab cities are functioning in terms of their religious tendency, fusion with and dominance by western media, investment in the only resource sector of oil and construction, and ignoring the non-resource sectors and education and science.

Dutch Disease is a reference to problems the Netherlands faced in the 1960s when its economy slumped after the discovery of natural gas. A boom in the resource sector usually leads to a real appreciation in the currency, either through higher inflation or a stronger currency (or both). This typically damages the competitiveness of other sectors and deprives non-resource sectors of necessary investment.

During this study I became interested in observing how the muslim world (arab or non-arab) is shaping up in the post-colonial scenario. But as a binary opposition to Dutch Disease, the non-arab muslim world has taken keen interest in the development of social and human capital through innovative Entrepreneurship.

The following article will provide the details about unique startups being run by muslims all over the world, which I found interesting to portray the modern day specters of muslim world.

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