Indian Ad: story on a Pakistani Social Media (DAWN NEWS)


Not only racism but the ad can be read in many ways.

  1. The Child Labor and the Royal avatar of the famous actress shows the binary opposition and representation of the society.
  2. The child being the sub- altern in this ad has nothing to do with the jewelry brand, so it is used as a symbol to create a difference for the ad audience.
  3. The ad has a lot in terms of who has the power and control. The elite woman is in power and the child bearing a turban and Indian ornaments (cultural artifacts) represents India’s tradition. it could be read as India has liberated the women but the class difference is still there.
  4. Utopia for one and dystopia for the other. The actress is portrayed in an utopian illusion and the child has a dystopic view of India.
  5.  The ad is capitalizing the poverty of India as well.

it is interesting to notice that Pakistani media portraying this image as a controversy played in India and troubled ad and actress in vain.


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