Feel good

Contrary to the advertisements which make us feel guilty about our pleasures, there are some charity-related ads that seem to be an approval for our leisure. Such ads make us feelĀ as if they are saying spending on your wants is not wrong as far as your are spending on someone’s needs at the same time.
One of such ads if of Aman Foundation which has a stall at Eat Karachi food festival which is going on in Frere Hall.
Putting this ad in a place such as the festival’s is likely to make one feel good about charity and leisure, all at the same time.



Embracing colonialism

Post-colonialism is a term which defines the social impact of colonization, seldom has it been taken to imply political dynamics of the phenomenon. However, there are instances which show that in the period after colonization, the impact of the rulers was accepted. For instance in India and also in Pakistan, we can see how traces left by the British have been embraced than being rejected and scoffed. This advertisement by Coca Cola can be taken as a depiction of how products of the West have been taken to be their own by Indians.

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